Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Taking a leopard for a stroll...

This fascinating piece of Pathe News shows a woman in '60s London walking her pet leopard down her local High Street and across her common...just check out the reaction of the poor pet dogs it encounters!

Monday, 10 November 2014

Swanley sighting...

"Just to let you know myself and my girlfriend sighted a big black cat walking across a big open field in Swanley two weeks ago on a Sunday afternoon at about 4pm (just as the sun was setting). We were driving back from the Swanley interchange on the A21 towards Sidcup and were just at the top of the hill driving past the petrol station and drive in McDonalds when looking left down towards some fields/stables at the end of the Cray valley golf course, we saw the large cat stalking through the field. We both looked at each other and said “Did you see what I just saw?” and we both said “Yes!”

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Forest Hill 'panther' ?

"I saw a cat like creature in Forest Hill. I was in the Millennium Albion Woods and it ran past us, we disturbed it. I was freaked out as I was with my kids. It was not a deer, muntjac are supposed to inhabit this green area. I know what deer look like, this was a black feline animal, very swift, it was large too, so not a domestic cat.  It all happened so quickly and totally unexpected so it was difficult to make much out. What really caught my eye was its black colour, it moved very quickly like a cat, I would've expected small muntjac in there I have seen them elsewhere and this was not a deer. It was too fluid and powerful. It's size I would say was appx three foot from head to back legs. I can't say for sure I saw it's tail I'm afraid. It happened in an instant my kids didn't see it at all. It was bigger than a domestic cat, much bigger, obviously very shy. It reminded me of TV programmes I've watched about pumas or lynx. I thought, "I saw a deer it can't have been a big cat" but my eyes told me it was a cat. I'm convinced. I had never known of their existence until I got home and did a bit of research which is where I came across your stuff. It happened at about 11.30am on Tuesday 28th October, 2014. In the Albion Millennium Gardens in Forest Hill off Albion Villas Way".

Monday, 13 October 2014

Surrey 'panther'?

From a witness: "I have literally just seen it too whilst out on a run (12/10/2014 at 1pm)! I was running along Rickman Hill Road in Coulsdon, when I saw what looked like a large jet-black dog cross my path about 100 yards ahead. I couldn't get a glimpse of its head but had very large paws and a long tail that curled upwards at end. Having originally assumed it was a dog I carried on running, expecting there to be a driveway that it had walked into, but it was just dense woodland!

Just arrived back home and searched online and found this post, turns out I'm not going mad!"

Friday, 10 October 2014

Stalisfield sightings.

End of September 2014: "although I've not seen it myself, two independant sightings of a big, black cat near Stalisfield have been reported to me. One at the end of August and one this weekend. Both were by strangers to the area who stopped and warned me because I was out on my horse in the area."

Thursday, 25 September 2014

The beast of Svendroog castle!

On the morning of 25th September 2014 a couple were walking within the vicinity of Svendroog Castle, at Oxleas Wood when they observed a large black cat staring into undergrowth as if stalking rabbits. One of the witnesses commented, "a large black cat was just in front of us, looking towards some bushes, it then went a short distance and disappeared into a near by bush. Wasn't quick enough to take a photo, but no doubt this was a big cat."

Friday, 12 September 2014

The lion in the freezer...and more!

It's not everyday you hear a story concerning the discovery of a dead lion in a freezer in West Sussex and it's very likely that the tale isn't all it's cracked up to be, but for those interested please click HERE

Have received an incredible number of big cat' sightings over the last few weeks, one of the most recent as follows:
""Last Saturday 30th August we were in the car coming home when we came to the junction of Old Ham Lane and Headcorn Road opposite Pleasant farmhouse. In the field opposite I noticed what looked like a black dog sitting in the field next to a small wooded area.I expected to see the owner appear when suddenly the "dog" jumped up in the air and swiped with it's paw at a bird which had just flown out of a tree."

"It was obvious this was no dog but a large black cat with a long tail. My husband also saw it and took chase with a camera across the field. He came within 10 feet of it and although he didnt see it's face he saw it turn and run in the bushes faster than anything he had heard before.We spoke to one of the neighbours who said that yes they had seen the cat before and another friend who was walking home down Lenham Heath Road a couple of years ago saw it walk across the road in front of her"

"My husband emailed you (unbeknown to me) to tell you about a friends
sheep that were killed last month in Grafty Green, he said the ribs were
opened up and the insides eaten and another friend who lives not 500 yards from the sighting lost a pet emu from his back garden a couple of months ago, he said it was surgically eaten apart from the wings."

"Tonight (Wednesday 3rd Sept) my husband was walking home from Lenham at 10pm when he heard a feline high pitched growl in the same field, needless to say he got home pretty quick!"